Thursday, July 26, 2012

Introducing The Humble Music Bundle

Having amassed over 40 games for my Linux machine care of the Humble Bundle, I am a huge fan of what these guys do.  After 5 extremely successful "Humble Indie Bundles" as well as a variety of spin-off bundles, they have just introduced the "Humble Music Bundle".  Featuring six albums from a variety of indie artists, the collection has something for just about everyone.

  • "Twelve Remixes of Four Songs" by OK Go
  • "Favoritism" by MC Frontalot
  • "Album Raises New and Troubling Questions" by They Might Be Giants
  • "Calling All Dawns" by Christopher Tin
  • "Best of the Valkyria Chronicles" by Hitoshi Sakimoto
  • "Jonathan Coulton's Greatest Hit (Plus 13 Other Songs)"

The Nerdcore stylings of MC Frontalot are without a doubt some of the most entertaining songs in this entire collection while They Might Be Giants always deliver a fun & unique set-list.  Overall, this is an excellent collection for any geek, nerd, gamer, etc.  All of the albums are offered in both DRM-free MP3 and FLAC formats meaning you can put the music on any damn device you own without the big brother music industry breathing down your neck.  As usual the bundle is pay what you want and helps charity so don't be a stingy asshole and only offer a penny, that is what we would call a "dick move".  Enjoy!

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