Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Animal Crossing Jumps Out At 3DS Players!

Animal Crossing: Jump Out! will launch in Japan November 8 making a western debut in March 2013 likely due to the immense translation work.  Some new details have surfaced about the game showing that the series is FINALLY getting some much needed updates:

  • Your house can now be customized outside to match your unique layouts on the inside
  • You decide what shops to build which offers a town that caters to your play style.
  • You can change store hours which is excellent for the night owls out there.
  • Adjust the town to fit your gameplay and personal style which puts the game more in line with The Sims.
  • Exchange custom clothing via QR Codes offering a lot of cool possibilities with social media
  • Furniture colors can be changed once again illustrating a more personalized type of game

Animal Crossing, a series that was looking a bit tired in City Folk, is showing an level of freshness that could make this a truly must have 3DS title.  It's nice to see Nintendo evolving their games to better suit newer game advances without compromising their original and unique "Nintendo" design.


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