Saturday, September 22, 2012

RPG Fans Unite Behind Project Eternity

Kickstarter has taken the video game industry by storm and one of the latest projects may mark the beginning of the end of traditional game publishers. Projects like Double Fine Adventure earlier this year showcased the desire for adventure games that publishers claimed there was no market for and OUYA birthed an entire open source video game console, another feat thought impossible in today's market. Project Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment marks one of the first truly mainstream projects that would normally be handled by a major publisher but is now being driven by the video game player's. Obsidian Entertainment is well know for designing RPG hits such as Fallout: New Vegas, Knights of the Old Republic II, Icewind Dale and they are currently working on the awesome looking South Park: The Stick of Truth. Their major issue has been their lack of freedom to create something that is 100% their own due to zero publisher interest and Project Eternity is their step into a brave new future. Started about a week ago, this project has already blasted past its initial goal of 1.1 million dollars and will mark the birth of a whole new franchise funded by fans and fully owned by its creators which will fundamentally change the future of the gaming industry. This success will no doubt spur other mainstream developers to take a similar approach which will allow new and old game franchises to flourish and hopefully protect said franchises from being raped by traditional game publishers. Treon's Realm has already funded 2 Kickstarter projects and will bring you news on promising future projects. I urge all RPG fans to check out Project Eternity, it shows a lot of passion not present in the numerous sequels coming out in the next year.

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