Sunday, December 16, 2012

Samo Studios Brings Us A Hauntingly Gorgeous Metroid Music Video

If there is one thing Metroid is known for above all else, it's atmosphere. The sense of isolation you share with series heroine Samus Aran is deep and oppressive. A great deal of this atmosphere is derived from an excellent soundtrack that perfectly compliments the landscapes of planets such as Zebes and Talon IV. When these soundscapes are remixed and combined with some amazing fan made CGI animation, the results are nothing short of stunning. SamoStudios has created a gorgeous music video for their song "Beyond The Glass" from the recently released Harmony Of A Hunter: 101% Run. The song and video are by Sam Dillard and is based on the Maridia theme from Super Metroid and a must for any Metroid fan. Enjoy!

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