Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Wii U Monolith Soft Trailer Teases With A Mysterious X!

There is little doubt that Xenoblade Chronicles (developed by Monolith Soft) is one of the finest games on the Wii. Epic doesn't even begin to describe the game with a campaign that takes a MINIMUM of 70 hours to complete! Most impressive is that the game streamlines the experience making it easy to return to even if you're forced away from it for weeks or months, an amazing accomplishment for any RPG.

Nintendo just revealed a new game in development for Wii U that immediately conjures flashbacks of Xenoblade Chronicles. While the game had no details outside of the trailer, I would not be surprised if this is some sort of new chapter in the Xenoblade universe. While many are leaning more towards the Xenosaga/Xenogears series, also developed by the same team, I must remind you that those series were tied to Namco and Squaresoft respectively. Now that Nintendo owns Monolith Soft, the odds favor the idea of turning Xenoblade Chronicles into a full blown Nintendo franchise. Either way, the stunning trailer will leave fans breathless. Enjoy!

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