Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time To Flesh Out Your Survival Horror Knowledge

Finding news and information for mainstream games is pretty easy thanks to the internet but finding good sites for niche gaming can be a bit tougher. With this in mind I want to introduce you, my readers,  to some of the better yet obscure niche game sites. Over the years, I have stumbled upon many great sites that don't get the attention they deserve so I will be bringing you some of my favorites.

While I love all kinds of video games in general, my favorite types of games boil down to 3 different categories. Action Adventure (like Zelda), Metroidvania and Survival Horror are my favorite types of games and while they may seem mainstream, the truth is that these three game categories are often overlooked by the gaming public. With this in mind, I will start by focusing on the latter of my top 3.

Finding quality Survival Horror games can be tough and today's featured site has been a fantastic resource in building my collection while introducing me to some dynamite articles which discuss horror in gaming from an actual game designer. Chris' Survival Horror Quest is an excellent site created and run by an industry professional who does an excellent job of giving design insight in his articles that sets this site apart from standard news sites. The site is truly a database for all things horror in video games wisely focusing on quality content and ease of navigation over lots of needless flash. A great site that deserves a bigger audience. Enjoy!

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