Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ghost In The Shell Prequel Shines In New Trailer!

It was recently announced that a new Ghost In The Shell series was in development and I couldn't even begin to describe how stoked I was at the news! Excuse my excitement but the Ghost in the Shell series is my all time favorite anime and I did not expect to see a new series. Set 3 years before Stand Alone Complex in the year 2027, Ghost in the Shell Arise looks to explore a young Motoko Kusanagi and her introduction to Public Security Section 9 where she'll eventually be known simply as The Major.

The new series will be broken into four 50 minute episodes. The first episode titled border: 1 Ghost Pain will premiere across theaters in Japan this June. An english language version has yet to be announced but odds are high that this will see release in North America considering all of the previous anime in the series has been released. The talented Production I.G. is once again behind the new series and while some may be a little put off by the Major's younger look, I think it fits the tone set by Stand Alone Complex and 2nd GIG (plus she has changed bodies or "shells" many times throughout the franchise). Enjoy the new trailer and please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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