Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wind Waker HD and Resident Evil On Wii U Now Available For Pre-Order!

You can now pre-order two of the more anticipated games for the Wii U on Amazon.
And don't forget the last epic Wii game which is fully playable on your shiny new Wii U:

I am once again posting Pandora's Tower because this game deserves to succeed and needs your support. One thing to note is that this game actually holds the fate of a lot of potential Nintendo games in its hands. The Last Story was XSEED Games first partnership with Nintendo and it was quite successful but Pandora's Tower is the test to see if that success was a fluke. I have contacted XSEED and they have clearly stated that they don't expect Pandora's Tower to be as successful as The Last Story. They understand the current Wii market but this game still needs to be a moderate success for them to continue pursuing this partnership. As the video game industry looses more and more publishers, the American side of the industry will continue to frown on more unique niche Japanese games that don't make millions of dollars. XSEED is a publisher that specializes in bringing these niche games stateside and Nintendo will likely lean on them for games that are just too risky for them but this will be tough if these risky titles aren't somewhat successful for this small but dedicated fan driven company. Just food for thought when fans complain that these games never come to the states.

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