Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mario And Luigi Storm The 3DS With 5 New Games In 2013!

Nintendo has deemed 2013 "The Year of Luigi" and this is being illustrated in the flood of new 3DS games which star the Mario Brothers. While some would cry foul on Nintendo's use of the famous brothers, the game variety on display is astounding and the new focus on other characters in the Mario universe is a welcome change of pace that allows for a return to some true classics (aka Yoshi's Island).

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move
Summary: This exclusive downloadable title on 3DS eShop will continue the fun puzzle gameplay of the original Nintendo DS series. Features 180 new stages spread across 4 different modes. Once again, you will be able to design your own stages and share with other players around the world.
Release Date: May 9

Mario Golf: World Tour
Summary: Mario Golf brings the popular sports series to the 3DS with a massive focus on online gameplay spanning the globe. You will be able to golf in real time with players around the world by using the games new community feature. Expect an experience on par with some of Nintendo's greatest online successes like Mario Kart Wii.
Release Date: Summer 2013

Mario Party 3DS (Official title unknown)
Summary: New portable focused version of the fan favorite series features 81 new mini-games spread across 7 Game boards each with their own rules. The game will also break out of its traditional board game format and offer the ability to play mini-games exclusively as well as a 30 floor tower climb, StreetPass Battles and AR Card games.
Release Date: Winter 2013

Yoshi's Island 3DS (Official title unknown)
Summary: This brand new Yoshi game will mark the third installment in the often ignored but much loved series. New power-ups include a massive screen sized egg that literally destroys everything in its path. Visually, the game looks like a blend of the SNES original and the N64 classic, Yoshi's Story.
Release Date: Unknown (Late 2013/Early 2014)

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Summary: Latest game in the Mario & Luigi RPG series will be centered around entering a dream world in Luigi's mind to rescue the always in distress Princess Peach. Gameplay variety is amped up through a greater focus on platforming and action elements in addition to its RPG roots (think Super Paper Mario).
Release Date: August 11

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