Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shin'en Multimedia Defends The Wii U Against Those Who Claim The Console Is "Not Next Gen"

In the world of Nintendo home consoles, there are companies who make excuses and companies who just "get it". For over 10 years, a little company known as Shin'en Multimedia has been squeezing the absolute maximum out of every Nintendo console from the Game Boy Advance to the Wii U creating some of the most technically impressive games on each system. The company has also managed to avoid the trap of sacrificing game quality for graphic fidelity with an impressive library of original IP's that continue impress and delight Nintendo fans with fun gameplay and amazing visuals. Shin'en has been responsible for some excellent game series including Nano Assault, Jett Rocket and Art of Balance which are all original franchises, something that is rare in an industry flooded with endless uninspired sequels. Their loyalty to Nintendo and focus on great games has been rewarded with success and a loyal following who continue to support their ambition. Shin'en has also been there to defend the Big N and put third parties to shame (with their incredible tech skills) when it is claimed that a Nintendo console is "not powerful enough".

In a recent interview with GameReactor, Shin'en art director Martin Sauter defended the Wii U hardware and confirmed that it is most definitely a next generation console:
"Of course the Wii U is not the big leap hardware power-wise but it is a big leap to the Wii and to be honest I think we've reached a point where we don't need so much more hardware power - we need better games. For every game you can make it look so good that it's good enough for everybody and I think the Wii U is a good compromise between price point - because don't forget you have a tablet controller, you have a great hardware base and it's much better than everybody reads. It's better than Xbox - sorry, it is better - and you can squeeze lots out of it, but you have to really work hard on it and I think you can make great games with it. 
I'm not sure if a much more powerful PS4 will produce much better looking games. We've reached a point where good games will sell and I think the steps will be much much smaller in the next generation."
There are many who may scoff at quotes such as this but the fact of the matter is that companies such as Shin'en are not only surviving but thriving in one of the industries biggest falls since 1983 and it is due to smart conservative design that focuses on gameplay and fun as opposed to hardware specs, DLC and milking franchises to death (we're looking at you EA). As we move into this new generation of consoles, expect to see a clear divide between Nintendo and it's competitors where the Big N continues its core focus on what makes video games such a great medium and that is one word, FUN!

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