Friday, May 24, 2013

Xbox One Reveal Causes Huge Spike In Wii U Sales

Within a day of the Xbox One reveal, Microsoft unwittingly provided a massive boost in hardware sales numbers for one of their major competitors. In the UK, retail giant Amazon is showing a massive spike for Nintendo's Wii U console since Microsoft's conference. While that exact numbers fluctuate as they are updated constantly, the initial increase was over 800% with things leveling out now as the machine remains very high on Amazon's  Top 100 Movers and Shakers list. This is a very impressive turn for a machine many proclaimed as dead in the water.

It's also interesting to note that it was not just the Wii U that saw a boost but also some of the better games on the machine. ZombiU, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and New Super Mario Bros. U all showed massive sales increases with ZombiU almost matching the Wii U hardware spike signifying that a lot of the sales were to core gamer's as opposed to the casual market. While Nintendo is preparing their A game for E3, I'm sure this piece of good news is going to provide a moral boost considering the struggles the machine has had since launch. Unless Microsoft makes some major changes, the console war may just boil down to Sony and Nintendo which hasn't happened since the days of the original PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

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