Friday, July 26, 2013

Shadow Of The Eternals Refined And Relaunched Kickstarter Campaign

Shadow of the Eternals (the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness) attempted to crowdfund its development a few months ago but came to an abrupt halt by developer Precursor Games. This was likely in response to the rather disjointed and unfocused approach to crowdfunding which is understandable for developers accustomed to traditional big budget game design. Precursor has wisely gone back and refined their Kickstarter campaign resulting in a cheaper budget, clearer goals and more defined rewards for backers.

The game is still set for Wii U and PC (with a possible PS4 version in the future) for a budget friendly price of $20. All Backers will gain exclusive access to the "Order of the Unseen" which is an exclusive community for fans to interact with the developer's and submit ideas that will actually be considered for the final game. Members of the Order will also be featured in the game's credits which is a sweet bonus for those who have always wanted to be involved in a games development. The team has also brought on David Hayter (the voice of Solid Snake) to voice the main character of Shadow of the Eternals, Paul Becker (This is nice for fans who are upset at Hayter not being cast in the Metal Gear Solid V). The funding goal has seen a modest reduction to $750,000 (from the original $1.3 Million) after Precursor did away with the convoluted "chapters" system which had people paying in different tiers to access portions of the complete game. Overall the new campaign is far more appealing to gamer's/backer's and shows that the developer really wants to see the project to completion. Enjoy!

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