Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Rayman Legends Launch Trailer Highlights Stellar Reviews!

Rayman Legends is getting ready to hit store shelves (as well as the eShop) on September 3rd and the reviews are in. The long delayed and highly anticipated game has been met with universal praise with many proclaiming it to be one of the best platformers ever made. The extra development time has been well utilized with the developers adding new levels, bosses and even a large selection of remastered levels from Rayman Origins. Seeing as the Wii U was the lead console for the game, it comes as little surprise that it is the best version of the game with the touch controlled Murphy being one of the highlights of the game (especially in multiplayer). It should be noted that the Wii U version features exclusive Mario and Luigi character skins as well as a secret bonus for those who downloaded and played the "Challenge App" earlier this year. To celebrate the games stellar reviews, UbiSoft has released a new trailer to show off their hard work. Enjoy!

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