Monday, August 26, 2013

Powerful New CRYENGINE Supports The Wii U!

With all of the negativity from the mainstream press, many would think that the Wii U is a technically inferior machine that is barely more powerful than the original Wii. This couldn't be further from the truth but many traditional third party publishers are out to smear the Wii U and convince us otherwise. These companies have resorted to everything from cutting features from their games to outright bailing on the console after providing sub par ports of old games and blaming their poor sales for leaving.

Seeing as triple A game development costs have ballooned out of control, the industry is forced to basically use a couple different game engines for every major game. EA has their Frostbite engine which can run on the Wii U but doesn't support it. Epic has the Unreal Engine 4 which can easily be scaled to run on Wii U but they choose not to do so. Ironically, many powerful indie engines such as Unity fully support Nintendo's latest console and as a result, we are literally seeing dozens of new games come to the machine.

Turns out that one major company has created a beast of a new game engine and guess what, it fully supports the Wii U. Crytek (creators of the Crysis series) have revealed their latest CRYENGINE which looks quite stunning. Crytek also made things quite clear when announcing the engine that it would support Nintendo's latest console which is great for developers looking for a great engine to bring stunning looking games to the Wii U. To showcase what the engine can do, Crytek has released a video to demo the tech (the water effects at 2:24 are particularly amazing). Enjoy!

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