Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prepare For Flood Of Wii U Indie Titles With New Trailer!

It is no secret that Nintendo has been welcoming indie developers with open arms. As stated before, for every third party game that bails on the Big N, 2-3 indie titles step up to happily take their place making the Wii U a unique console focused on indie games and stellar first party games. To further show their support, Nintendo has released a fresh new trailer showcasing a number of great new games coming to the Wii U. With the flood of rather stale looking "mainstream" FPS, open world and racing titles hitting the shelves this fall, the games on display in this trailer give hope that creativity and innovation has not been lost in an industry being choked by increasingly greedy third party's. Please comment below on the games that look most interesting to you. Enjoy! (NOTE: While the trailer states that these games are European/Australian releases, just about everything on display is also confirmed for North America as well.)

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