Monday, September 23, 2013

Nintendo Turns 124 Today!

Nintendo may be synonymous with video games today but for the bulk of its life, the Big N was a toy/card company most famous for its hanafuda cards prior to the 1980's. That all changed when a young Shigeru Miyamoto crafted an arcade game starring a large gorilla (Donkey Kong) and a carpenter (Mario) who would go on to become the mascot of the entire company (as well as becoming a plumber). This launched them into the video game industry where they not only saved it but became the driving force of innovation for over 30 years.

Nintendo is a company unlike any in the industry and despite many ups and downs, the company has always thrived. This comes from their ability to create enduring characters and games while focusing on innovation over technology. No matter what trials the video game industry goes through in the future, you can be sure Nintendo will be there to lead the way. Happy Birthday Nintendo!

Fun Fact: Despite being 124 years old, the company has only had 4 presidents.

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