Sunday, October 27, 2013

Excellent Star Fox Medley Will Take You Back To The Lylat System

The groundbreaking Star Fox for the SNES cemented its legacy as the one of the first 3D home console games with its used of the Super FX chip. Almost as legendary is the games soundtrack which goes a long way to selling the sci-fi universe and story despite the rudimentary 3D graphics. Oddly, the series moved away from the original's soundtrack in favor of tunes closer to the N64 classic, Star Fox 64.

The series as a whole has a pretty iconic soundtrack but most fans focus on the SNES and N64 incarnations when creating remixes. This is the case with the excellent Star Fox Medley performed by On Being Human who has crafted a medley that both honors the iconic franchise while giving it a hard edge that would perfectly suite a modern version of the series (seriously Nintendo, where is our new Star Fox game?). Click here if you want to download the song which is available at Bandcamp for $1. Enjoy!

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