Monday, October 7, 2013

Nintendo Shows Their Support For Independent Games

When it comes to indie games, the Wii U has become a serious contender and Nintendo is wisely beginning to advertise this point. While the mainstream industry discounts Nintendo as a lost cause, the indie community has rallied behind the Big N literally throwing support at the Wii U like there's no tomorrow. This is a result of Nintendo's insanely open (and welcoming) approach to the eShop that is in stark contrast to their very closed attitude with the WiiWare service from last generation. There is little doubt that by the time 2014 is in full swing, Nintendo's HD console will have as many (if not more) indie games than actual traditional retail games.

As part of their effort to get the word out about these excellent games, Nintendo attended this year's annual Indiecade Festival to show off some of the upcoming eShop releases. Most of the games on display for both Wii U and 3DS were playable and showcased the amazing talent of their respective developers. Nintendo recently released a bunch of new trailers showing the new games and even overhauled the Wii U eShop to showcase all of the new indie games. Enjoy!

Nintendo Wii U Trailers
Nintendo 3DS Trailers

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