Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Super Mario 3D World Proves That Mario Still Has His Magic Touch

The Super Mario series is one of the most prolific video game brands on the planet with Mario being as recognizable as Mickey Mouse (actually more so). Mario is over a quarter century old and yet his games remain some of the best in the platform genre. Whether talking about his perfection of 2D in the 80's/90's or his mastery of 3D, Nintendo's portly plumber has earned his legacy.

His latest adventure, Super Mario 3D World, carries a bigger weight on its shoulders than any past game in the series. This one game will come to define the future of the Wii U, a console that has struggled more than any Nintendo home console in the past. While the system is a massive step forward for Nintendo and its consumers, the constant negativity being slung at the machine has turned it and Nintendo into the underdog of this generation. Happily, like previous Nintendo consoles, Mario is back to flex his muscle and deliver an amazing 3D adventure that is sure to move some hardware. The reviews are in and much like the stunning Mario Galaxy series, people are falling in love with the mustached hero once again. Here are some of the reviews so far and the odds are good that the Wii U will actually have a bright future after all. Enjoy!

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