Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Wii U Finally Has Its First True System Seller!

With all of the new generation consoles officially in the market, the question of which one to choose will lead to heated debates among the gaming community. Of the three new consoles, Nintendo's Wii U has been the verbal whipping boy of the industry with everyone proclaiming doom and gloom since its launch last year. It could be argued that some of this criticism has been warranted but much of it was not seeing as most people who actually give the machine a real chance realize that the system is actually quite good if not great.

The Wii U's biggest problem has always come down to software and much of this is a result of disingenuous third party publisher's who went back on their word to support the Wii U. Nintendo's initial strategy seemed to lean towards giving third party's the Wii U's first year in order to put a greater spotlight on their software so it would not be overshadowed by Nintendo's own stellar software. This comes from third party's bitching in the past that their software was outshone by the likes of Mario and Zelda and in turn did not sell on Nintendo machines. Tracing things back to the beginning of 2013, the debacle with Rayman Legends as well as EA combined with the PS4/XBone focus on controlled online software led to a mass exodus of support for the Wii U. The result left Nintendo's HD console with a lack of games during much of 2013 as the Big N was forced to spread out their own titles over the last half of the year. The new plan of attack now puts the focus on Nintendo's own titles (as well as partnerships with Sega/Namco) combined with one of the biggest console pushes ever for indie games.

This new strategy seems to be working with many gamers taking notice of great titles such as Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD and even the new Sonic Lost World which is easily the one of the best 3D translations of the Blue Blur. The indie front is also building steam with titles such as the recent Toki Tori and Edge posting huge sales in their debut weeks. With the Wii U having built a better library, the last piece of the puzzle is a "must have" system seller and Super Mario 3D World seems to be that title. Not since Super Mario Galaxy has there been such universal love for a Mario game with a lot of press actually pulling a complete 180 since the games launch last week. Read for yourself and prepare for a very strong 2014 for Wii U.

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