Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nintendo Renews Metroid Prime Trademark

Nintendo recently renewed the Metroid Prime trademark which is sure to please longtime fans of the amazing series. While this is in no way a confirmation of a new game in the series, it does open the door for a return to the franchise which is a child of the core Metroid series. The Prime series is comprised of 5 games and takes place between the original NES Metroid and the underrated Metroid II: Return of Samus for Game Boy. Many Nintendo fans are desperately wanting to see a return to the Prime series on Wii U after the relatively ill-received Metroid Other M despite that game being much better than people give it credit for. It should be noted that while the gaming press believes the Metroid series would move consoles, that is a gross misconception as the series rarely sells more than a couple million copies per game despite being much better than other first person games like Halo. Here's hoping we see the return of Samus soon.

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