Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nintendo Is Currently Valued Higher Than Sony!

"Nintendo is doomed!" This is a quote which has constantly been heard by Nintendo fans over the last year. The grossly misinformed mainstream gaming press and hardcore gaming meatheads have done nothing but berate the longtime company operating on the idea that if they say something enough, it will come true. This of course is not the case as it was recently revealed that Nintendo holds a higher market value than all of Sony combined. Business markets currently have Sony's market capitalization at $17.7 billion while the total value of all Nintendo shares sit at $18.4 billion.

This news is a bit sobering when you consider that Sony's number includes not only the PlayStation business but also things such as the companies movies, music and computer divisions. Nintendo's strong numbers come from their continued dominance of the handheld market with the 3DS (remember when people were saying the 3DS was a failure?), the Wii U's upswing over the holiday's and the announcement of China's console ban removal. It's important to remember that Nintendo does not operate like other companies (thankfully) and their brands will maintain the company through even the worst of times because they focus on the games and not pure profit.


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