Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Renegade Kid May Be Reviving Moon For The 3DS

Indie developer Renegade Kid has made a name for itself as a creative, technically impressive developer and major supporter of Nintendo and in return, fans have shown them a lot of love. Company founder Jools Watsham has also proven to be a man for the fans with his positive attitude and supportive stance of the Big N even going so far to state that Renegade Kid would be happy to become part of Nintendo if given the chance. Their technical prowess is evident in their amazing (and highly underrated) Dementium series as well as the atmospheric Nintendo DS first person adventure, Moon.

For those who haven't played Moon, you are missing one of the best first person games on the original DS. The game managed to take the style and feel of the Metroid Prime series and deliver a claustrophobic and original adventure that rivaled Nintendo's own Metroid Prime Hunters on DS. The game was published by Mastiff back in 2009 with an agreement that allowed them to hold the IP rights for 5 years. Those 5 years have lapsed and and Renegade Kid now has 100% ownership of their game which is great news for fans of the title. The company has hinted at a big FPS announcement for the 3DS coming soon and with the recent "Moon Chronicles" trademark by RK, odds are high that we will see this turn into a new franchise for Nintendo owners. When you consider that Nintendo is unlikely to return to first person Metroid for some time, Moon will be a perfect fit for those fans primed to explore in first person again. If you have a 3DS, grab a copy of Moon and enjoy (Thank you Nintendo for backwards compatibility!). Here is a video review for those who missed this gem.

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