Tuesday, January 7, 2014

UnEpic Set To Raid The Wii U eShop Next Week!

The Metroidvania RPG hybrid known as UnEpic has finally been approved for the eShop which is sure to please Wii U owners looking for a deep exploration heavy RPG experience (a perfect fit for those cold winter days!). UnEpic made its debut on computers a couple years ago but the Wii U release marks its first home console release and it's a perfect fit for Nintendo's HD console due to the games many menus and plethora of item management which is handled via the Wii U Gamepad. The game features a rather unique tale of a modern day gamer playing D&D with his friends when the lights go out and he finds himself transported to the dungeons of UnEpic. Publisher EnjoyUp just announced via Twitter that the game was approved by Nintendo and is planning to release the game this month with January 16, 2014 slated as the current release date (gotta love the eShop and its rather quick turnaround for new releases). Wii U owners looking for a deep RPG experience with a heavy emphasis on Metroidvania style exploration should keep an eye on this game. I am including a review for the PC version of the game to give fans a better idea of the full experience. Enjoy!

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