Thursday, February 13, 2014

Monolith Soft's X Battle Footage Introduces Real-Time Mech Combat!

Monolith Soft's Xenoblade Chronicles for the original Wii system is one of the best games one the system if not one of the greatest JRPG's of all time. Needless to say when Nintendo revealed a new game in the series last year, simply titled "X", and fans went crazy after seeing the gorgeous visuals, expansive environments and massive Mech-powered navigation (not to mention the hints of potential multiplayer). After that reveal over a year ago, things went quiet and RPG fans had to wait for more details.

Fortunately Nintendo has just revealed another tasty morsel and it comes in the form of some gameplay footage of the games battle system. While the basics look very similar to Xenoblade Chronicles (not a bad thing at all!), the show stopper was the revelation that the games Mechs are available at any point in the middle of battle! This means that if a particular enemy is giving you trouble, you can hop into your Mech in real-time and kick the crap out of said enemy. Taking things a bit further, you can also fight enemies that are many stories tall with your death machine and then hop out on foot to use special attacks seamlessly. This is a very impressive sight to behold (especially in seamless real-time) and shows a level of scale normally reserved for games like the upcoming Titanfall. The Wii U may not have Final Fantasy but in all honesty may not even need it after fans witness this epic RPG (A Wii U Exclusive!). Enjoy (and check out the creature in the background canyon at 30 second mark, simply MASSIVE)!

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