Friday, February 14, 2014

Steel Diver: Sub Wars Brings Free-To-Play FPS Action To 3DS!

Leave it to Nintendo to take the generally reviled concept of free-to-play and make it work in Steel Diver: Sub Wars. Despite the constant bitching about the lack of new game IP's, Nintendo has in fact had quite a few over the last 3-4 years thanks to the 3DS and its eShop. One of those new IP's was Steel Diver, a launch title for the 3DS which many ignored (something that happens all the time unfortunately).  Steel Diver was actually a fun title that mixed a variety of gameplay modes with a focus on underwater submarine warfare.

Last year, Nintendo revealed their intention to introduce the free-to-play game delivery model to the eShop and Steel Diver would be the first game to release under this new pricing structure. Many expected Nintendo to simply chop up the 3DS original and charge for each piece of the game. Fortunately, the Big N is not your typical lazy cash grab publisher (-cough- EA -cough-) and opted to craft a new game in the franchise which focuses on tactical first person submarine combat and offer it up for free with the option to buy a more feature rich expanded version. The game is broken up into a Free version and a Premium version and offers 4 X 4 team battles through local and online multiplayer as well as a single player campaign as detailed below.

Free Version (Available Now)
  • 2 Total Submarines
  • Online & Local Multiplayer
  • Few Crew Members
  • Limited Customizable Submarine Patterns
  • Two Single-Player Missions
Premium Version ($9.99)
  • 18 Total Submarines
  • Online & Local Multiplayer
  • 30+ Crew Members
  • Fully Customizable Submarine Patterns
  • All Single-Player Missions
Honestly this is a pretty slick way for Nintendo to introduce players to a new franchise while experimenting with revenue generation that doesn't feel gimmicky or dishonest (the game doesn't hide the premium cost or trick you into spending your money). You can expect to see this expanded with future games on the eShop. Enjoy and be sure to download the Free version via your 3DS eShop.

Steel Diver: Sub Wars Trailer Direct Link

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