Monday, February 10, 2014

Ubisoft Sabotages Watch Dogs On Wii U

Here we are again, a third party developer willfully sabotages a multi-platform release on a Nintendo console and will blame the fans when it sells like shit on the Wii U (if they don't tank it altogether for the console). That game is Watch Dogs and Ubisoft recently revealed their intention to delay the Wii U version of the game until "later this year" while PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, XBOne and PC owners will get the game simultaneously this spring.

This is a relatively new tactic (along with cutting game features) that is being employed by many third party publishers with projects released & still destined for the Wii U and it provides an easy out when the game sells poorly. This is very apparent when you consider that the PS4 & XBOne currently have fewer hardware units sold but are still getting game releases on schedule. As it stands, I would not be surprised if the game gets canned outright and Ubisoft drops almost all support for the console outside of titles like the Just Dance series which has always been a cash cow for them on Nintendo consoles. This year will mark a major shift for the Nintendo Wii U where first/second party and indie developed games become the driving force for the machine while the last ties to most non-Japanese third party publishers are cut completely. While this may seem dire, it is actually a great shift for Nintendo that will evolve the Wii U into a machine for fans of gameplay & fun. YouTuber Andrew Eisen sounds off on the delay and perfectly sums up the hypocrisy of the whole situation. Enjoy!

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