Friday, March 28, 2014

Swords & Soldiers HD Slashing Its Way Onto Wii U This April

Swords & Soldiers started its life as a hit WiiWare side scrolling RTS back in 2009. Since then it has seen release on many additional platforms including PS3, 3DS & iOS. Its success prompted the games developer, Ronimo Games, to craft a newly announced sequel (Swords & Soldiers II) exclusively for Wii U which is slated to hit the eShop later this year. To help drive interested for the new game, Ronimo Games has teamed with Two Tribes to bring the original game to Wii U next month in the form of Swords & Soldiers HD. In addition to the new HD visuals, the game will feature the classic Wii controls as well as custom touch screen controls which utilize the Wii U's unique Gamepad. The most exciting new addition is the enhanced multiplayer mode which allows one player to use the TV while the opposing player can use the Gamepad allowing each player to have a complete view of their battlefield. Anyone who has utilized the feature in games like CoD: Black Ops II or LEGO Batman II knows just how cool this feature is and how it is only possible thanks to the Wii U. While a price has yet to be announced, the developers have stated that the game will launch at a reduced budget friendly price. Here is a trailer of the upcoming Sword & Soldiers II to wet your appetite. Enjoy!

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