Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Random History Of Mega Man Voice Acting

Mega Man has had a tough time when it comes to finding a voice. Capcom has never really taken the him seriously and this is painfully obvious when you hear the Blue Bomber attempt to speak. Hell, notorious games such as Mega Man 8 sound like the nails on a chalkboard which turned many fans off to the prospect of ever hearing Mega Man speak again. To be fair there were a couple voice actors who actually managed to sound acceptable despite atrocious scripts such as the awful 90's animated series. Taking inspiration from the Did You Know Gaming video series, YouTuber Christopher Niosi has published a fascinating video which looks into the history of voice acting in the Mega Man series. Voice acting and Mega Man fans will find the information quite interesting and should give a clear picture that Capcom really doesn't know what its doing when it comes to the Blue Bomber. Enjoy!

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