Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Details On Bayontetta 2 Online Multiplayer Mode

Bayontetta 2 is the game that keeps giving as more details surface on the games online multiplayer mode which is titled "Tag Climax". The mode will allow players to either invite friends directly or be matched up with random players online (similar to how Resident Evil Revelations works). Taking into account that you may not want to play online in these exclusive challenges, you are even given the option to play with a CPU partner.

Tag Climax stages will range from having you fight massive bosses to battling hordes of enemies. You will be given the option to bet currency known as "Halos" and challenge other players to a high score battle. The money earned can then be used to unlock weapon variations, new techniques and accessories. Accessible stages are tied to "Versus Cards" which you earn through playing the core game. Your character selection and customizable weapon loadout is based on progression through the story mode which means that your Tag Climax performance will be tied to your single player experience. It's a nice way to encourage players to experience all the game has to offer instead of making the single player mode an afterthought like certain other games (-cough- Call of Duty -cough-). Needless to say, Nintendo and Platinum Games have made Bayonetta 2 a wet dream come true for action Gamers and an irresistible value for any Wii U owner so be sure to grab a copy when it launches this October.


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