Friday, July 11, 2014

Witness The Epic Conclusion To The Amazing Mario Warfare Series!

The Mario Warfare series has been one of the most entertaining fan films based on a video game with amazing fight choreography and a surprisingly heartfelt story. Its 8 episodes are littered with sly references to Nintendo's vast legacy while managing to keep you engaged with its unique take on characters such as Mario, Luigi and Peach. Best of all, BeatDownBoogie has given us one of the best depictions of Princess Peach ever created giving the character true emotion and depth while showcasing the type of badass attitude normally reserved for characters like Samus Aran. Nintendo should consider making a Princess Peach game based around this idea, it would open up a lot of new possibilities for their famous franchises.

Mario Warfare Part 8 brings the entire epic to a close and does an amazing job with the source material. Like earlier episodes, Part 8 is littered with awesome fight scenes, excellent music and some great storytelling. The biggest surprise was how the final scenes tie the series to the video games (I won't spoil it but it's quite brilliant). In the end, Mario Warfare proves that Mario can be adapted into live action as long as Hollywood keeps their filthy hands off of it and leaves the job to the fans who are both more passionate and way more talented. Enjoy!

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And for those who missed out on earlier episodes, here is the entire series in one convenient location. I recommend sharing this with as many friends and family as you can seeing as it transcends a fan project and works as a collective whole. Enjoy!

Mario Warfare Part 8

Mario Warfare Part 7

Mario Warfare Part 6

Mario Warfare Part 5

Mario Warfare Part 4

Mario Warfare Part 3

Mario Warfare Part 2

Mario Warfare Part 1

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