Monday, September 22, 2014

Mother 4 Is Coming Care Of The Fans

The Mother (EarthBound) series is among the most beloved RPG series of all time with its quirky sense of humor and unique modern day setting. Despite having only 3 games over the last 25 years (with only 1 game getting released in North America), the hardcore fanbase have been begging for another entry even though series creator Shigesato Itoi believes this is "impossible". It turns out that Mother fans don't know the meaning of the word impossible and have taken up the challenge to craft Mother 4. The game is scheduled for a Winter 2014 release on PC, Mac & Linux which means that anyone with a computer will have access to the new RPG. Best of all, the game will be 100% FREE!

While most fan projects stand on shaky ground with the potential of being shut down by the copyright holder, Mother 4 stands a good chance of dodging this fate due to the game being all new (cast, setting & story) outside of of the Mother name. Nintendo has been quite hands off when it comes to the Mother series allowing fans to translate past games and even produce lavish soundtracks and amazing handbooks so it is likely that they will allow Mother 4 to happen. EarthBound and RPG fans should head over to the games website and dig into this epic fan driven project. Enjoy!

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