Friday, October 10, 2014

Nintendo Surprises Fans With Bayonetta 2 Demo!

When it comes to action games, few titles can hold a candle to the Bayonetta series. 5 years after its original release and you would be hard pressed to find an action game that even comes close original Bayonetta in terms of gameplay and insanely entertaining visuals. Nintendo wisely teamed with Platinum Games to bring us Bayonetta 2, a title that would never have happened without the Big N's involvement.

While trailers and gameplay videos have done wonders to showcase the game, Nintendo has opted to offer a fully playable demo of the game to allow anyone on the fence a chance to test drive what will easily become the best action game of 2014. After completing the demo 2 times (once with standard controls and once with touch controls), I can say that the demo gives you a perfect taste of the gameplay and visuals while leaving you begging for more. The demo is about 730MB in size and offers 15 plays which should be more than enough for those needing a Bayonetta fix before the games October 24th release date. Enjoy!

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