Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Introducing The Humble Nindie Bundle!

For years, the Humble Indie Bundle has offered a wide selection of great indie computer games for a great price while helping charity. For the first time, Nintendo of America has teamed up with Humble Bundle to offer the Humble Nindie Bundle which gives Nintendo fans access to over 8 great indie games on the Wii U & 3DS. The bundle allows you to name your own price and each purchase helps charity. Your purchasing options include:

Any Price:
  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Wii U)
  • Woah Dave! (3DS)
  • Mighty Switch Force! (3DS)

Pay more than $10 and add these games:
  • Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (Wii U)
  • SteamWorld  Dig (Wii U and 3DS)

Pay over the average and add these games (Average price currently $9.25)
  • The Fall (Wii U)
  • OllieOllie (Wii U and 3DS)
  • Moon Chronicles Episode 1 (3DS)

Lastly, if you pay over the average price, you'll get even more games which will be added in about a week.

As you can see, this is a great deal which shows Nintendo's commitment and support for their ever growing community of Nindie developers. If you own a 3DS, Wii U or both, this is a must purchase for any Nintendo fan. Enjoy!

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