Monday, June 7, 2010

Treon's Game of the Week - Synopsis Quest Deluxe

Synopsis Quest is best described as a Role Playing Game for people with ADD.  Your objectives are simple, use the clue at the beginning of each stage to solve the quests which earns you a crown.  The controls use the arrow keys and space bar which keeps things simple and to the point.   The stages are able to be completed in a few seconds but you will often have to retry multiple times because the obvious choice is not always the right choice.  It's a great throwback for people who grew up on classic RPG's like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy.   My only real complaint would be the lag when using the arrow keys but it's a small complaint for such a fun and unique game.  Nintendo would be wise to license this for the next Warioware game and turn it into a full fledged Nintendo DS title.  Enjoy!

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