Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Treon's Game of the Week - Quake Live

First Person Shooters are one of of the greatest gaming experiences when gaming on a computer.  The mouse and keyboard control offers sublime control with the Nintendo Wii offering the next best option for FPS's.  When it comes to first person shooter's, few are as legendary as Quake.  In a brilliant move, Quake III Arena is now available to play online anywhere via your web browser for free in the form of Quake Live.  It's lightning fast and hella fun!  It's playable on Windows, Linux and Mac OS in almost all of the major Web Browsers.  To get started, head over to and sign up for a free account then get fragging!

Play Quake Live Now!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Treon's Game of the Week - Synopsis Quest Deluxe

Synopsis Quest is best described as a Role Playing Game for people with ADD.  Your objectives are simple, use the clue at the beginning of each stage to solve the quests which earns you a crown.  The controls use the arrow keys and space bar which keeps things simple and to the point.   The stages are able to be completed in a few seconds but you will often have to retry multiple times because the obvious choice is not always the right choice.  It's a great throwback for people who grew up on classic RPG's like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy.   My only real complaint would be the lag when using the arrow keys but it's a small complaint for such a fun and unique game.  Nintendo would be wise to license this for the next Warioware game and turn it into a full fledged Nintendo DS title.  Enjoy!

Free Software You Can't Live Without Vol. 6 - Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

When it comes to surfing the web, Firefox is king.  Each of the major internet browsers on the market have a hook and mange to fill a niche but none of them manage to have the combination of features that Firefox does.  The one thing that Firefox does better than any other browser is customization, you can literally make this program do ANYTHING you want because of the slick plug-ins available.  These plug-ins cover just about anything you could possibly need from a web browser and keeps it very simple to use regardless of your operating system which makes this an excellent program for making the switch from Windows to Linux.  The only real issue I've seen is some occasional issues when using some of the plug-ins in conjunction with Facebook games.  A minor quibble and I find that Google's Chrome browser is a fine companion to Firefox if you ever run into an issue such as this.  A final note to the true nerds out there, you can tweak the code of Firefox to maximize its performance which is just plain awesome.  Simply put, if you have a computer and surf the web, you NEED to have this installed on your machine as your default browser.  Especially since it's free.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Treon's Game of the Week - Pac-Match Party

What do you get when you mix a classic gaming icon with one of the most addicting puzzle games ever created?  Pac-Match Party!  A blend of Pac-man and Bejeweled officially produced by Namco, released for free to play on the web, Pac-Match Party is an addictive little puzzle game for the iPhone (For Purchase) and online browser (Free to play).  This is one aspect of game development for the iPhone that I really enjoy because the games are often free to play online through your computer and then pull in a profit for the development team through Apple's download service for their portable machines.  As a fan of video games, I am excited to see how new content evolves and is delivered to the broadest audience while still offering the developers a valid avenue for earning the money they deserve.  But I digress, please play and as always, Enjoy!