Monday, February 23, 2015

Prepare For Spells And Adventure In "The Mad Wizard" For NES

Its exciting to think that in the year 2015, there are still brand new games being produced for the 30 year old NES. Developer Sly Dog Studios has recently released The Mad Wizard, an action adventure title for the original 8-bit Nintendo. Gameplay is similar to other NES classics such as Legacy of the Wizard and Metroid with a focus on collecting new spells and abilities to navigate the over 120 screens which make up the games environment. If you're on the fence about this fun new adventure, you can give the game a test run with the free demo which is available on RetroUSB. You can also purchase the game as a physical cartridge as well. Enjoy!

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Is Mario More Immersive Than Call Of Duty?

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rodea: The Sky Soldier Coming To Wii U And 3DS This Fall

After a long and rough ride, Rodea: The Sky Soldier is not only seeing release in Japan but North America as well. This is especially noteworthy when you consider the game is a Nintendo exclusive and was designed by Yuji Naka, the man behind Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights into Dreams. Rodea began development way back in 2010 for the original Wii and was actually completed in 2011 but sat in publishing hell for over 3 years. At long last, the game is making its way to Nintendo's latest set of machines and looks like a thrilling evolution of the excellent gameplay from Nights into Dreams with a major focus on flight based exploration and combat. NIS America will be bringing the game to both the 3DS and Wii U this fall making for another notable exclusive on Nintendo's excellent portable and criminally underrated home console. Enjoy!

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"Hush" Brings Creepy Adventure To The Wii U

Indie game developer Game Studio 78 (GS78) has recently announced their latest game for the Wii U known simply as Hush. The game is a creepy dungeon crawling adventure with RPG elements and looks like a nice mix of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Legend of Zelda. You play the role of a young girl named Ashlyn who must fight her way through a variety of levels which reflect her various fears literally armed with her favorite toy known as Gogo. GS78 has also released some Gameplay Beta footage of the game which showcases an impressive level of atmosphere through its lighting and moody soundtrack. Hush is scheduled to hit the Wii U in Summer 2015 and should make a nice addition to the growing Wii U indie library. Enjoy!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dead Fantasy - Monty Oum Tribute

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Platinum Games Releases Free Browser Based Bayonetta Game

Platinum Games has made it clear that they wish to continue giving fans some Bayonetta love. Their latest game is a simple browser based game titled Angel Land which uses an 8/16-bit graphical style for some quick high score fun. The game is posted on a mock 404 error page on the official Platinum Games site which gives the games existence a rather funny edge. Angel Land is a 2 button shooter which tasks the lovely Bayonetta with eliminating Angels to rack up a high score. It's a fun little diversion that shows the developers care about expanding the Bayonetta brand. Enjoy!

HALOID - Monty Oum Tribute

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Legendary Animator Monty Oum Has Passed Away

Sadly, animation legend Monty Oum has passed away at the age of 33. For those who don't know, Monty Oum broke onto the gaming scene when he released Haloid in 2007, a stunning fan animated film which pitted Samus Aran against Halo's legendary Spartan. The film showcased his unrivaled talent for editing, animation and passion for the source material. After this landmark short film, Monty released the amazing Dead Fantasy series which took the famous females of Final Fantasy and pitted them against the women of Dead or Alive. The results were quite stunning and each episode showcased some seriously thrilling battles between the epic fantasy women.

Monty Oum's success would lead to him working on the 2009 Afro Samurai game for PS3 & XB360. After this, beginning in 2010, he would work for Rooster Teeth on the long running Red vs. Blue series and ultimately his own CG anime series RWBY. The man was a legend within the fan community and a talent who was taken from us far to soon. To celebrate Mr. Oum, Treon's Realm will feature much of his greatest work and I urge you to share it with as many people as possible. Monty Oum, you will be missed.

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