Welcome to the FREE Games page of Treon's Realm & EXPerience Gaming. Throughout the years, this site has featured some truly great free video games from a lot of talented Designers and I felt it was time to collect them all in one place to make accessing them a lot easier. If you have a love for fun games, every title featured here is well worth checking out. NOTE: This page will be updated as new games are added in future posts. Enjoy! (Slashed entries are no longer available unfortunately)

  Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril Demo (Metroidvania - NES)

  Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment Demo (Metroidvania - NES)

  Bayonetta: Angel Land (Arcade)

  Boomshine (Puzzle)

  CANABALT (Endless Runner)

  Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Redaction (Metroidvania - NES)

  Cave Story (Metroidvania)

  Dune II (Real Time Strategy)

  Free Icecream (Adventure)

  Insidia (Metroidvania)

  Invader Zim: Voot of Doom (Arcade)

  The Legend of Princess (Action)

  The Mad Wizard Demo (Action Adventure - NES)

  Mario Paint Composer (Music)

  Meat Boy (Action)

  Mega Man 25th Anniversary Demo (Action)

  Obechi (Puzzle)

  One Button Bob (Action)

  Quake Live (Online FPS)

  Ripple Dot Zero (Platformer)

  Seedling (Action Adventure)

  Space Paranoids (Arcade)

  Street Fighter X Mega Man Version 2 (Action)

  Super Ubi Land Demo (Platformer)

  Synopsis Quest Deluxe (Micro RPG)

  Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 (Sports - NES)

  Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 (Sports - NES)

  Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 (Sports - NES)

  Tremerz (Arcade)

  X-Type & XTYPE+ (Twin Stick Shooter)

  Z-Type (Typing Shooter)

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