Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Treon's Game Of The Week - Ripple Dot Zero

Indie games have literally exploded over the last year which has been great for gamer's of all types. With this boom, players are seeing every old genre revisited with brand new games that make the old new again. Ripple Dot Zero is a game that manages to recapture the feel of many older Sega Genesis classics such as Sonic and Vectorman. The game stars an anthropomorphic penguin who runs, jumps and blasts his way through a variety of levels to a rather sweet soundtrack. It's that perfect type of platform fun that made the 16-bit era so memorable and it's 100% Free (something to cherish in this new era of PS4's and XBOne's which try to nickle and dime you with expensive in game transactions). The game is not going to reinvent the platforming wheel but if you want to have some quick nostalgic fun, give Ripple Dot Zero a try. Enjoy!

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