Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Skull Kid" Film Acts As An Excellent Majora's Mask Prequel

Majora's Mask is quite possibly one of the most underrated yet polarizing games in the long running and legendary Zelda game series. It was one of the few games that attempted to try something truly new and different yet often receives harsh criticism from fans for its trouble. Funny thing is, those fans who have really given it a chance were rewarded with an excellent game with a rich cast of characters and a deep somber story to tell. The core of that story stems from the mischievous Skull Kid and his misguided actions that unleash the titular Majora's Mask and drag Link into the fated world of Termina. Machinima has recently released a live action fan film titled Skull Kid: A Zelda Legend which gives a deeper look into the ill fated Skull Kid as well as his actions that kick off Link's quest. The film is quite well done and manages to bring The Legend of Zelda to life in a way that is respectful to the source material, something Hollywood manages to screw up all the time with live action video game films. Enjoy!

Gunman Clive Sells 250,000 Copies With A "Vast Majority" Coming From 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has become home to a wide variety of excellent indie games and some of those games have managed to do really well on Nintendo's portable. Nintendo themselves have even started to use their eShop to introduce a LOT of brand new games/franchises despite the constant bitching from the naysayers. Happily, one of the bigger successes on the 3DS comes in the form of a western plaformer known as Gunman Clive. Developer Bertil Horberg has revealed via his Twitter that the game has sold more than a quarter of a million copies which is pretty impressive for a game designed by one person. What's even more impressive is that the game has seen "the vast majority" of those sales from the 3DS eShop (not too shabby considering it was available for Android and IOS first). For those who haven't played this little gem, be sure to download it ASAP considering it's only $2.


"Croft" Fan Film Is A Surprisingly Gritty And Truly Bad Ass Take On Lara Croft

The recent Tomb Raider reboot gave fans a much darker and more serious take on the nearly 20 year old franchise as well as its main character, Lara Croft. Honestly, the series needed this move as the character was becoming a bit of a joke through her film and later game representations. This new Lara has moved beyond her rather clunky roots and has grown into a gritty bad ass with actual depth and character.

A group of fans on the YouTube channel CanCinema has taken this new direction for the character and crafted an excellent film which acts as a prequel of sorts. The film is titled Croft and through its 20 minutes manages to lay the roots and early motivations behind the young Lara. In a surprising twist, the film is dark, dramatic and quite action packed with a style usually reserved for feature film. This is backed up by some really good acting that manages to be just as good as the fight choreography. Even if you're not a fan of the Tomb Raider series, you owe it to yourself to view this stunning fan film which upstages a lot of what Hollywood is crapping into cinemas in recent years. Enjoy and be sure to share!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Super Smash Bros. Trailer Is Out Of This Galaxy!

The new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS is hands down one of the biggest games coming in 2014 and its character roster gets fans more excited with each new reveal. Today's Nintendo Direct showed off the latest character addition in the form of Rosalina & Luma from Super Mario Galaxy. Since her debut back in 2007, she has become a very popular character in the Mario universe and Nintendo has responded by adding her to new games such as Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World and now Super Smash Bros.

It's nice to see the Mario universe continue to expand and Rosalina marks a distinct change for Mario princesses as she is a strong female lead that does NOT need to be rescued. I would not be the least bit surprised to see her eventually star in her own game considering her popularity. Rosalina & Luma's inclusion in the latest Super Smash Bros. also brings level(s) and music from Super Mario Galaxy which should prove very interesting. Enjoy!

Nintendo Gets Epic With Bravely Default Demo!

The new 3DS RPG epic Bravely Default is quickly shaping up to be the Final Fantasy game many fans have been begging for. Everything from the world to the gameplay strikes the right notes and fans are very much on board. With the games upcoming February 7, 2014 release date, Nintendo is giving fans something truly special to sweeten the experience.

On January 2, 2014, the Big N is releasing a special eShop demo that will change the perception of how a company should let fans experience a game. The Bravely Default Demo will actually be its own unique side story with hours of content which isn't included in the main game essentially making this a full featured mini RPG. In other words, the demo will literally expand the experience beyond the main story and keep everything fresh and new when you purchase the full game. You will even have access to the Streetpass function in BOTH the Demo and Full Version which the game uses to expand the experience. To add even more incentive, you will be able to transfer special item packs, 20 Streetpass tags and any registered 3DS friends into the main game. The icing on the cake is the fact that the demo is 100% FREE! Lesser companies would nickle and dime gamers for something like this but Nintendo is once again showing why fans love them so much. RPG fans are in for a real treat next month. Enjoy!

Yoshi's New Island 3DS Teaser Trailer

Yoshi's New Island Teaser Direct Link

Chibi-Robo! Is Back In A New Augmented Reality 3DS Game

The adorable Chibi-Robo! is back in his latest adventure for the 3DS. The cute little robot made a name for himself on the GameCube and DS with a series of adventures based around helping people. For those who have experienced Chibi's adventures on both the GameCube and Nintendo DS, there is no denying the series charm and his new 3DS eShop quest adds in the underutilized AR (Augmented Reality) function of Nintendo's popular portable.

In Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder, you are tasked with helping a Curator who needs exhibit's for his Museum. As the tiny robot you must seek out real world objects and photograph them with the 3DS camera which turns the items into in-game objects called NostalJunk to display in the Museum. It's a brilliantly simple concept that makes perfect use of the system's unique abilities while giving fans a fresh new adventure which will be available January 9, 2014. While many complain that Nintendo doesn't create new IP's, this is a perfect example of that Nintendo magic at work with something fresh and new. For those unfamiliar with the adventures of Chibi-Robo!, I urge you to seek out and experience at least one of his adventures as he is one of Nintendo's more charming new characters (The Nintendo DS game Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol is the easier game to get your hands on and it's 100% 3DS compatible). Enjoy and be sure to try the Demo on the 3DS eShop!

NES Remix Challenges Players In 16 NES Classics

Nintendo just announced a new challenge based game for the Wii U titled NES Remix. The game takes its inspiration from the WarioWare series by offering gamers a new way to play 16 classics from the early days of the original NES. Challenges include playing through Donkey Kong as Link, completing Super Mario levels in reverse and Excitebike racing in the dark. To coincide with the games reveal, you can download NES Remix on the Wii U eShop today for $14.99. Enjoy!

Get Cranky With New Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Trailer

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is poised to be Nintendo's next big title for the Wii U when it hits the system on February 21, 2014. Its frozen levels will be a perfect fit for the cold winter months but Nintendo is heating things up with the inclusion of a new playable character in the form of Cranky Kong. The crotchety old Kong has only played a supporting role in previous games dolling out advice and berating Donkey Kong because he feels the games were always better in his day. Early videos and descriptions show Cranky handling in a similar fashion to Scrooge McDuck from the DuckTales game series with his cane allowing him to hop across various obstacles that would stop Donkey, Diddy and Dixie dead in their tracks. It has also been revealed that the Kong's have new team super moves that will devastate enemies when fully charged which is sure to add a strategic element to the combat. Enjoy!

New Mario Kart 8 Trailer Takes To The Skies With New Levels

Mario Kart 8 Trailer Direct Link

Zelda Meets Dynasty Warriors In Hyrule Warriors For Wii U

Nintendo dropped a surprise announcement today during with the news of Hyrule Warriors (name not final) for the Wii U. The game looks to take the popular Dyanasty Warriors style gameplay and give it a Hyrule makeover with Link cutting through hundreds of Moblins and other Hyrule monsters with his trademark Master Sword. The game is being developed by Tecmo-Koei who are the makers of the Dynasty Warriors series with Nintendo overseeing the project. To be clear, this game is not part of the core Zelda series and more of a spin-off like Link's Crossbow Training was for the Wii. The early trailer looks quite promising and offers a new action heavy take on the beloved franchise. Expect the game to hit in 2014. Enjoy!

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Nintendo Universe Gears Up For Battle In Mario Warfare Part 5!

Mario Warfare Part 5 Direct Link

See What Wario Land: Virtual Boy Could Look Like On 3DS

For those who have experienced the Virtual Boy, the Wario Land that was crafted for the unique system is hands down the best game on the console. Unfortunately, due to the systems failure it is the one game that deserves a rebirth yet has been lost to time. Many fans have wanted to see the game brought onto the Nintendo 3DS seeing as it would be a perfect fit but Nintendo has shown no desire to port the game and colorize it from its original red and black roots. It turns out that there are even game developers who would like to see this happen and Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham has crafted a single screen of what the game could look like and shared via his Twitter account. Jools has even included a QR code which you can scan with your 3DS and see what the screenshot would look like in 3D. Personally, I hope Nintendo takes notice of this and hires the wizards at Renegade Kid to finally give Nintendo fans access to this lost classic. Enjoy!


Metroid Inspired "ReVeN" Planned For Wii U

Indie developer Varia Games has confirmed that their new action adventure platformer titled ReVeN is coming to multiple platforms including Linux and PC with a Wii U version planned. The game does not hide its inspiration which includes Metroid, Deus Ex and Crysis with its heavy sci-fi setting and action gameplay. While the game is currently in alpha, the team is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign once the game hits beta next year which will include a beta demo. One of the most interesting features of the game is the planned level builder which will allow gamers to build custom levels and campaigns to share online. While we wait for some more info, be sure to check out the alpha trailers for ReVeN. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nintendo Renews Metroid Prime Trademark

Nintendo recently renewed the Metroid Prime trademark which is sure to please longtime fans of the amazing series. While this is in no way a confirmation of a new game in the series, it does open the door for a return to the franchise which is a child of the core Metroid series. The Prime series is comprised of 5 games and takes place between the original NES Metroid and the underrated Metroid II: Return of Samus for Game Boy. Many Nintendo fans are desperately wanting to see a return to the Prime series on Wii U after the relatively ill-received Metroid Other M despite that game being much better than people give it credit for. It should be noted that while the gaming press believes the Metroid series would move consoles, that is a gross misconception as the series rarely sells more than a couple million copies per game despite being much better than other first person games like Halo. Here's hoping we see the return of Samus soon.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Rock The "Expansion Pack" With Metroid Metal!

Expansion Pack Direct Link

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Knytt Underground Explores The Wii U eShop On December 19th

Metroidvania fans can rejoice as Knytt Underground finally has an official release date for the Wii U. The atmospheric title is a must for Metroid fans searching for a new action adventure fix. While the game has seen release on multiple platforms, the Wii U version is set to be the definitive console version with the inclusion of previously PC exclusive additional content as well as some features only possible through the Wii U GamePad. Here is an excerpt from the games press release:
  • Over 1,800 intricately designed rooms to explore
  • Even more secrets to discover, quests to embark on and rooms to uncover!
  • Exclusively to Wii U on consoles, the Infinity Hype update brings improvements and changes based on fan feedback from Reddit
  • With new graphical effects and flourishes, the Wii U version is the best looking console version of the game
  • Thanks to the Nintendo Wii U GamePad, you can view the map easily, seeing where you've explored & where you have yet to venture
The game should fit well with the Nintendo audience due to its obvious inspiration taken from Nintendo's famous bounty hunter. Be sure to check the game out when it drops on December 19th and for those on the fence, take a look at the games latest eShop trailer. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Club Nintendo December Rewards Update

Nintendo has updated their downloadable Club Nintendo rewards for December and for the remainder of the month they are offering 4 titles across 3 systems (Wii games can be used on Wii U)The expiration date for this offer is now January 12 and the price is between 100-200 coins for each title. Be sure to check back January 13 for the next reward update.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - Wii Virtual Console
150 Coins (Available Until January 12)

Balloon Fight - Wii U eShop
200 Coins (Available Until January 12)

Mario's Picross - 3DS eShop
100 Coins (Available Until January 12)

Starship Defense 3DS eShop
150 Coins (Available Until January 12)

Are Microtransactions Ruining The Game Industry?

It's painfully obvious that the game industry is about to go through some major growing pains in the next few years. Everything from massive development costs to an economy that has no way to "recover" threatens to bring radical changes to an industry that once seemed invincible.

One of the biggest points that could make or break the industry is the implementation of microtransactions in full priced retail games. Originally a concept utilized in "free to play" games and MMO's, microtransactions where meant to offer access to game content through real world money. While many gamer's seemed to either love or hate the concept, the idea has caught on in the mobile market and been successful due to the low costs usually associated with it. To be clear, this is a different issue than downloadable content (DLC) which actually has a level of merit and value when implemented properly.

The XBone and PS4 are the first major home consoles to implement microtransactions into their full priced retail games right out the gate and people are not happy. Instead of overexplaining this issue, I will direct you to a couple of videos from YouTube user boogie2988. Some of you may know him better by his alter ego Francis who expresses his nerd rage through pure emotion and is the perfect representation of the typical American reaction to a problem. Boogie2988 himself is a rather level headed individual who does a great job of explaining a particular issue within the industry. Please watch both videos and be sure to share your feelings on microtransactions below (Warning: Check your volume for the Francis video as he tends to get a little loud). Also, I recommend reading a fascinating article about Boogie2988 himself which was recently posted on Kotaku seeing as the man behind Francis is quite interesting. Enjoy!

Francis HATES Microtransactions and In App Purchases

On Microtransactions and In App Purchases

Child Of Light Developer Walkthrough Explores This Beautiful New RPG

Child of Light Developer Walkthrough Direct Link

Super Ubie Land Hitting Wii U eShop In Early 2014

Notion Games has announced that Super Ubie Land will be coming to the Wii U eShop early in 2014. The cute little platformer is now in its final Wii U testing stages and should be completed before the end of 2013. It has also been stated that the game will see yet another name change before its Wii U release although the details of this new title have not been revealed (so it could just have a "Wii U Edition" tacked onto the title). It's interesting to note that Wii U owners are beginning to see a lot of great indie titles storm the eShop with December kicking off with quite a few new games. Many of these titles are even Kickstarter projects which has been an excellent source of software support for Nintendo's HD machine.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Epic Lorule Castle (A Link Between Worlds) Cover

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is a sublime experience that is sure to go down as one of the best Zelda games ever produced. It has refined everything that is great about the Zelda experience while trimming the fat to craft the best overhead Zelda to date (yes, this game officially bests its source material, the legendary "A Link to the Past"). Of the many great aspects of this game, its music is an amazing high point. A Link Between Worlds brings back many of the classic themes we love with amazing compositions while crafting some rather memorable new themes. This is very apparent in the theme for Lorule Castle which now has an excellent guitar cover by YouTube user DSC. If you haven't experienced this game and all of its glory, you are doing yourself a disservice as a gamer. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

LEGO Blues Brothers Mall Chase Is A Sight To Behold

YouTube user Bricktease has crafted a 3 minute film which provides a shot for shot remake of the famous shopping mall chase scene from the classic film, The Blue Brothers. It is an amazing piece of work that will surely bring a smile for any fan of Lego or the excellent Blues Brothers film. The volume of work is truly impressive and made even more impressive when you watch the making of video as well as the comparison video which pits the finished product against the film original. Please share this stunning video with friends and family. Enjoy!

Shopping Mall Chase Scene Direct Link

Side by Side Comparison Direct Link

Making Of Lego Blues Brothers Direct Link

Suit Up With "Varia Suite" Album By Metal Metroid

Varia Suite Direct Link

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Musical Quest From Zelda's Great Ocean To The Hobbit's Misty Mountains

To coincide with the recently released Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for Wii U and the upcoming second chapter in The Hobbit Trilogy, here are two excellent covers from YouTube user Warialasky. Both pieces are worthy renditions of the source material and are accompanied by some slick music videos (the air humping Dwarves are classic). Both tracks are available for download at Bandcamp and allow you to name your own price including free. Download Ballad of the Wind Waker here and The Misty Mountains here. Enjoy!

Zelda Meets Ico In "The Girl And The Robot" For Wii U

The Wii U continues its charge into the indie arena with The Girl and the Robot which was recently funded through Kickstarter. The title is described as a mix of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Ico with a touch of Studio Ghibli film magic (Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle). The game features a simple yet compelling tale of a young girl who escapes her prison in a mysterious castle and finds a robot who helps her flee from the evil queen who imprisoned her. While the game is early in its development, it looks quite beautiful in its simplicity and is refreshing to see indie game developers tackle the types of games that the mainstream industry now ignores. Enjoy!

YouTube App For 3DS Now Available

As the Nintendo 3DS/2DS makes its mark as the best dedicated portable console on the market, the systems capabilities continue to expand with a variety of video programs. The portable has been equipped with Netflix, Hulu and even features a surprisingly capable stop motion program for creative filmmakers. In a shocking oversight, YouTube has long been missing from the system despite the Wii U having YouTube access since last year. That changes today with the release of the YouTube App on the 3DS eShop which is available now provided you have 113 blocks of memory free. I have given the app a quick test run and can say it is functional but rough around the edges. The price is right considering it is free and you can expect future updates to further refine its capabilities. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Wii U Finally Has Its First True System Seller!

With all of the new generation consoles officially in the market, the question of which one to choose will lead to heated debates among the gaming community. Of the three new consoles, Nintendo's Wii U has been the verbal whipping boy of the industry with everyone proclaiming doom and gloom since its launch last year. It could be argued that some of this criticism has been warranted but much of it was not seeing as most people who actually give the machine a real chance realize that the system is actually quite good if not great.

The Wii U's biggest problem has always come down to software and much of this is a result of disingenuous third party publisher's who went back on their word to support the Wii U. Nintendo's initial strategy seemed to lean towards giving third party's the Wii U's first year in order to put a greater spotlight on their software so it would not be overshadowed by Nintendo's own stellar software. This comes from third party's bitching in the past that their software was outshone by the likes of Mario and Zelda and in turn did not sell on Nintendo machines. Tracing things back to the beginning of 2013, the debacle with Rayman Legends as well as EA combined with the PS4/XBone focus on controlled online software led to a mass exodus of support for the Wii U. The result left Nintendo's HD console with a lack of games during much of 2013 as the Big N was forced to spread out their own titles over the last half of the year. The new plan of attack now puts the focus on Nintendo's own titles (as well as partnerships with Sega/Namco) combined with one of the biggest console pushes ever for indie games.

This new strategy seems to be working with many gamers taking notice of great titles such as Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD and even the new Sonic Lost World which is easily the one of the best 3D translations of the Blue Blur. The indie front is also building steam with titles such as the recent Toki Tori and Edge posting huge sales in their debut weeks. With the Wii U having built a better library, the last piece of the puzzle is a "must have" system seller and Super Mario 3D World seems to be that title. Not since Super Mario Galaxy has there been such universal love for a Mario game with a lot of press actually pulling a complete 180 since the games launch last week. Read for yourself and prepare for a very strong 2014 for Wii U.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who!

Dr. Who Secrets in Video Games Direct Link

Super Mario World 3D World Accolades Trailer

Super Mario 3D World Accolades Direct Link

OUYA Reaches 500 Games!

While mainstream gaming "journalists" and supposed hardcore Gamer's continue to hate on the OUYA, you can't deny its success. The little machine has amassed a library of more than 500 games so far which is pretty damn impressive for a console that is less than a year old. Many would argue that the system is a dumping ground for simple Android games but speaking from personal experience, much like the Wii U the OUYA has a lot to offer for those seeking something different from the endlessly derivative FPS and Open World games that plague Sony and Microsoft's consoles. To celebrate their ever growing library, the team at OUYA has released a rather epic trailer showing off their latest milestone. Enjoy!

How Well Do You Know Resident Evil? ...Part 2

Resident Evil Part 2 DYKG Direct Link

And for those who missed Part 1...
Resident Evil Part 1 DYKG Direct Link

Nintendo Reveals Zelda Timeline Placement Of A Link Between Worlds

Now that the Zelda timeline has been made official through the excellent Hyrule Historia, Nintendo has decided to reveal the placement of Link's latest adventure with the release of the game via Twitter. This is a nice change of pace considering the rather secretive nature of the series. Surprisingly, the game takes place in the "Fallen Hero Timeline" AFTER the Game Boy classic, Link's Awakening. With the games deep ties to A Link to the Past, many thought it would be a direct sequel to the SNES classic. It's interesting to note that since it follows the three Game Boy (Color) titles which are available through the 3DS eShop, fans can tackle the 4 games in order which is a nice bonus. Enjoy!

Direct Link Via Twitter

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Epic Game Music Gets Wicked With Latest Castlevania Cover

The original Castlevania is an amazing game that is as famous for its music as much as its gameplay. The games first level theme titled Vampire Killer is its most famous song but for my money, level three contains the absolute best song in the game titled Wicked Child. The track is an amazing piece of music that has largely been forgotten in the series long history. Epic Game Music has once again stepped up to remind fans why this song is so excellent with his latest cover which features a great intro. Enjoy!

Castlevania "Wicked Child" Direct Link

And for those craving some Vampire Killer, Epic Game Music has you covered...

Castlevania "Vampire Killer" Direct Link

Super Mario 3D World Proves That Mario Still Has His Magic Touch

The Super Mario series is one of the most prolific video game brands on the planet with Mario being as recognizable as Mickey Mouse (actually more so). Mario is over a quarter century old and yet his games remain some of the best in the platform genre. Whether talking about his perfection of 2D in the 80's/90's or his mastery of 3D, Nintendo's portly plumber has earned his legacy.

His latest adventure, Super Mario 3D World, carries a bigger weight on its shoulders than any past game in the series. This one game will come to define the future of the Wii U, a console that has struggled more than any Nintendo home console in the past. While the system is a massive step forward for Nintendo and its consumers, the constant negativity being slung at the machine has turned it and Nintendo into the underdog of this generation. Happily, like previous Nintendo consoles, Mario is back to flex his muscle and deliver an amazing 3D adventure that is sure to move some hardware. The reviews are in and much like the stunning Mario Galaxy series, people are falling in love with the mustached hero once again. Here are some of the reviews so far and the odds are good that the Wii U will actually have a bright future after all. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Foamy The Squirrel Expresses His Distaste For Video Game Patches & Updates!

The ever wise and entertaining Foamy the Squirrel has just posted a new video in which he very accurately describes one of the biggest problems in the video game industry today. While many people defend these patches and updates as necessary, anyone who has half a brain knows that these trends are a result of greed, rushed development cycles and poor hardware design. It's ironic when you realize that these practices are a large part of why this console generation will likely be the last. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nintendo eShop Trailer Showcases Strong Indie Line-up For Wii U & 3DS

Nintendo eShop Indie Trailer Direct Link

Super Mario 3D World Surprises Fans With "10 New Things" Trailer

Super Mario 3D World is set to offer the perfect blend of old and New in the Mario universe while bringing some truly new features to the classic franchise. What has been really impressive about the game is the fact that it continues to surprise with new secrets as Nintendo releases each new trailer (not an easy feat in our social network obsessed culture that can't keep anything secret). The big N has released a new trailer that showcases 10 new things about the game featuring everything from new levels to a 5th playable character. It should go without saying but anyone wishing to avoid spoilers should pass on watching this excellent new trailer. Everyone else, Enjoy!

New Bravely Default Release Date, Trailer & Collector's Edition Details

The Nintendo 3DS has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch nearly 3 years ago with a library that rivals many home consoles. It has become the new home to great JRPG's with its backwards compatibility, eShop and retail releases of amazing games such as Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei and Monster Hunter. That library is about to get a major boost next year with the highly anticipated SquareEnix developed Bravely Default which is set to be released by Nintendo on February 7, 2014. In many ways, Bravely Default is the "new" Final Fantasy many fans have waited for with its gorgeous graphics and return to many of the gameplay elements that made games like Final Fantasy VI so classic. Nintendo released a new trailer today which gives a tantalizing taste of the adventure that awaits. They also revealed through their Nintendo Direct that the game will get a collector's edition release which will include an Art Book, Soundtrack and 34 AR cards. Enjoy!

Monday, November 11, 2013

SNES Generation Album Mixes Retro & Modern Game Soundtracks

The Super Nintendo has one of the most recognizable sound library's of any game console ever created. This distinctive SNES sound is part of what has given us some of the best video game soundtracks of all time including Final Fantasy VI, Super Castlevania IV and Chrono Trigger. Musical artist Alex Roe has just released an album titled SNES Generation which takes that classic SNES sound and remixes many modern gaming classics with results that are sure to please fans of both modern and retro game music. The album is now available for download with a name your price option which includes FREE. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Is Link Dead In Majora's Mask?

The Legend of Zelda is a series that keeps on giving when it comes to each games lore. Despite being officially confirmed by Nintendo through Hyrule Historia, the Zelda timeline continues to fascinate hardcore fans who want even more detail on the legendary adventures of Link. One game that has been quite divisive among fans is Majora's Mask which remains one of the most drastically different games in the series history. Outside of the major gameplay changes which involve repeating the same 3 days, Majora's Mask is one of the darkest Zelda tales ever told and YouTube channel The Game Theorists may have just uncovered one of the biggest narrative twists for any game ever developed by the Big N. While not confirmed by Nintendo, evidence peppered throughout the game could lead players to believe that Link's adventure is actually a result of his death early in the adventure. If this is true, Majora's Mask may be one of the most significant tales told in the entire Zelda series and set a precedent that nothing is off limits in the Zelda universe. Enjoy!

Friday, November 8, 2013

CollegeHumor Updates Pokerap Now Featuring ALL 718 Pokemon!

Pokemon has earned its place in video game history as a great RPG series with a legacy that stretches more than 15 years. Despite its impact on both pop culture and video games as a whole, few can deny that its titular character roster has grown a bit out of control with over 700 Pokemon for those who "Gotta catch 'em all!". The often hilarious has taken the Pokerap (made famous by the Pokemon anime series) and updated it to include the entire current roster of 718 Pokemon. The epic song will have any Pokemon fan in stitches as they listen to the singer attempt to power through the ridiculously long 9 minute version of the famous rap. Enjoy!

Nintendo Breaks Down The Difference Between Their Wii & Wii U Home Consoles

It has been argued that the Nintendo Wii U has had some trouble selling due to a misunderstanding among Wii owning "Casual Gamers" who think that the Wii U is an expensive add-on for the original Wii as opposed to a new more powerful home console. While I would like to give people more credit than this, our piss poor education system and personal experience in customer service does give this argument a certain level of validity. Unfortunately, there have even been cases where retailer ignorance has confused consumers about this very issue. With the recent surge in sales for the Wii U worldwide, Nintendo has released a handy chart that helps clear things up a bit and fully illustrates the vast differences between the original Wii and the superior Wii U.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Time To Rock Out With Some "Epic Game Music"!

YouTube user and RetrowareTV contributor EpicGameMusic has made a name for himself with some rockin' covers of many of the best games of all time. He has covered everything from Actraiser to Zelda yet remains largely undiscovered on YouTube with under 3,000 subscribers which is a crime considering the heart and soul he pours into his tracks. While not as flashy as other Remixers, his work has a more personal charm that (in my option) showcases a real passion for the original tunes. On a personal note, EGM's music strikes a chord with me and reminds me of my old college roommate who could rock some serious NES era tunes on his bass guitar.

EpicGameMusic has recently released a fantastic album titled 255 Battles with the Cursed Shield which absolutely deserves to be in your game music playlist. The album features 30 tracks covering classics such as Mega Man, Zelda, Castlevania and Earthbound. Best of all, the album allows you to name your own price (including FREE!) which means any fan of classic game music can afford to listen. Enjoy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Club Nintendo November Rewards Update

Nintendo has updated their downloadable Club Nintendo rewards for November and for the remainder of the month they are offering 4 titles across 3 systems (Wii games can be used on Wii U)The expiration date for this offer is now December 8 and the price is between 150-200 coins for each title. Be sure to check back December 9 for the next reward update.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Wii Virtual Console
150 Coins (Available Until December 8)

Art Style: CUBELLO - WiiWare
150 Coins (Available Until December 8)

Dillon's Rolling Western - 3DS eShop
200 Coins (Available Until December 8)

Metroid 3DS eShop
150 Coins (Available Until December 8)

Click here to see rewards

How Well Do You Know Silent Hill?

Silent Hill DYKG Direct Link

Link Saves A Galaxy Far, Far Away In Super Smash Wars

Not long ago we took a look at the the excellent Super Mario Busters which took two massive 80's icons and mashed them together with amazing results. James Farr, the talented animator who was responsible for the mash-up is at it again with his latest work titled Super Smash Wars: A Link to the Hope. His newest video may be his greatest yet as it retells the classic story of Star Wars Episode IV with the massive cast of legendary Nintendo characters. Much like his previous videos, there is little doubt that you'll find yourself watching the stunning video many times over in order to find all of the hidden references to Nintendo's many game series. Needless to say, if you like Star Wars and Nintendo, you will fall in love with this video and find yourself begging for a similar treatment of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Enjoy!

Monday, October 28, 2013

5 Scariest Movies You've Probably Never Seen

5 Scariest Movies Direct Link

Early Evidence Showing Batman: Arkham Origins Wii U Technically Superior To PS3/360 Versions

The Wii U (and almost every Nintendo home console) often gets the shaft when it comes to multiplatform games which is unforgivable when you consider that Nintendo's latest home console is technically superior to both of its current and most direct competitors, the PS3 and Xbox 360. Granted, next month will change things up since the Wii U led the next generation console race but it is pretty sad that ports from last generation are often inferior and this trend seems to be on purpose. While there are some exceptions where the Nintendo version is best, these situations come from either the game being built from the ground up for Wii U (Rayman Legends) or the development team has a true passion for Nintendo (Need for Speed: Most Wanted U).

Early reports suggest that Batman: Arkham Origins has the best home console performance on Nintendo's latest machine. While it's doubtful that this was on purpose, these results may come from the fact that the Wii U version was handled by Human Head Studios and not WB Montreal who was responsible for the other versions (as well as the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition). Here is a quick rundown of what many NoeGaf members have found so far:
  • Best framerate of all console versions. All versions have some frame drops but Wii U seems to have the least.
  • No screen tearing on Wii U.
  • Better lighting on Wii U compared to PS3/360.
  • All versions have glitches, including game breaking bugs but Wii U has fewer glitches than 360, PS3 and even the PC with no apparent game breakers present.
  • Features Off TV Play.
  • Map on the GamePad (Unfortunately, the rest of the GamePad elements present on last years Armored Edition are not implemented).
  • Miiverse integration featuring Achievement Posting.
  • No Online Multiplayer (although this seems to be a non-issue due to reports of the multiplayer feeling tacked on and unnecessary).
  • Price is $10 less (Wii U version is $50 while PS3/360 versions are $60).
In the end, this is probably a fluke situation and a testament to Human Head Studios abilities with the Wii U hardware versus third party's putting forth a genuine effort to optimize their multiplatform releases (if they even bother to port them at all). Either way, if you're looking for the best home console version of the game, it seems the Wii U is the system of choice.

Source 1, Source 2

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Excellent Star Fox Medley Will Take You Back To The Lylat System

The groundbreaking Star Fox for the SNES cemented its legacy as the one of the first 3D home console games with its used of the Super FX chip. Almost as legendary is the games soundtrack which goes a long way to selling the sci-fi universe and story despite the rudimentary 3D graphics. Oddly, the series moved away from the original's soundtrack in favor of tunes closer to the N64 classic, Star Fox 64.

The series as a whole has a pretty iconic soundtrack but most fans focus on the SNES and N64 incarnations when creating remixes. This is the case with the excellent Star Fox Medley performed by On Being Human who has crafted a medley that both honors the iconic franchise while giving it a hard edge that would perfectly suite a modern version of the series (seriously Nintendo, where is our new Star Fox game?). Click here if you want to download the song which is available at Bandcamp for $1. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Trailer

Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Trailer

Unepic Wii U Trailer

Unepic Wii U Trailer Direct Link
"Unepic is a mixture of platform game, role game and joke that takes place in a huge castle of medieval fantasy. It is set in the eighty's style, but completed with the most actual features. 
The hero is called Daniel, a normal guy from today: great videogame player, big lover of sci-fi movies and novice player of role games. In the middle of a role game with his friends, he is teleported to a castle and he thinks that he is having a massive hallucination. So he decides to run his own adventure until the hallucination ends.
In the castle, he will be possessed by a shadow, however this shadow cannot control him (being able only talk). The only way of the shadow to escape from the Hero's body is by the death of the Hero, so the shadow will lie all the time giving false clues always looking for the Daniel's death." - Trailer description
  • 2D RPG with 200 rooms to explore
  • 7 bosses, 70 spells and 100 weapons
  • Funny story and dialogs with references to other films, comic...
  • Quests, challenges, achievements and pets.
  • Craft your own potions
  • 4 levels of difficulty with 3 different ends
  • English voices

Super Mario 3D World October Overview Trailer

The Wii U has finally begun its upward swing with the help of the September price drop and a string of new high profile games such as Sonic Lost World, Wind Waker HD and Rayman Legends. While this is good news for the struggling system, Super Mario 3D World is the first really big system seller and you can expect a major boost for the console much like its 3DS predecessor. To celebrate the games upcoming release (November 22), Nintendo has released a new trailer which provides an overview of the game as well as a sneak peak at many of the new power-ups and features. The game looks fantastic and will be the perfect blend of casual and hardcore with a generous helping of multiplayer thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

The Gaming Historian Explores The Star Fox Series

While the Rageaholic offered an entertaining and personal look at the Star Fox franchise through his retrospective, YouTube user The Gaming Historian focuses more on the obscure behind the scenes details and history of the series. With 2013 marking the 20th anniversary of this legendary series, The Gaming Historian is celebrating with a series retrospective. He recently wrapped up his 4 part look back at the entire franchise which gives some love to lesser known games such as the Star Fox Competition Cart and the criminally underrated Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS. A great series of videos and a must watch for Star Fox fans. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mega Man Comes To Life In Fan Film

About a year ago, Treon's Realm posted an article about a fantastic Zelda film created by YouTube user FinalCutKing titled The Legend of Digital Zelda. The film was one of the more creative Zelda projects on YouTube and fans of classic video games loved it resulting in over 1.2 million views. FinalCutKing is at it again with his latest film titled Mega Man Comes to Life which takes things back to basics with stop motion animation. Once again, the impressive level of work has resulted in a great little short film that clocks in under 2 minutes but required over 10,000 photos and used over 1,000 small tiles that were painted and hot glued together. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Clues Surface On Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon For WiiU

It was recently outed via that the 3DS hit, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, may be getting an HD version on the WiiU. Nintendo has remained tight lipped on the existence of such a game but the evidence is mounting as dedicated fans scour the internet and continue to find more clues. A recent listing on also lists the game with a potential $47.99 price (the Newegg ad lists the game at $39.99). Retail listings should be taken with a grain of salt but when multiple retailers begin listing the same thing, it becomes far more likely that the game exists despite what Nintendo would have you believe. If you are interested in the game and the evidence collected so far, take a look at the investigation trail so far over at Personally, I would not be surprised to see Nintendo launch a surprise Nintendo Direct around Halloween to announce the games existence.

2DS Screen Repair Will Set You Back More Than $65

If you held off on purchasing the 3DS until the recently released 2DS, do yourself a favor and don't break the screen. As one unlucky girl found out after dropping her new system down a flight of concrete stairs, it would cost over $65 to have it repaired. For those who don't know, the 2DS system is comprised of a single large LCD screen unlike the clamshell design which is made of 2 separate screens. The girl contacted Nintendo and they quoted her a $65 repair cost which didn't include shipping and handling so be sure to keep your shiny new 2DS safe and secure. Since this story has begun to spread across the web, you can expect a flood of third party shells and guards to become available to protect the system (I have no doubt that a NERF shell will become one of the best options).

Friday, October 18, 2013

Treon's Realm Is On YouTube

When I started this site, I always planned on expanding to YouTube but various factor's seemed to prevent me from actually hitting that goal. Honestly, I struggled for a long time trying to figure out where to start and what should be the first real video posting (prior videos on my YouTube channel were all trailers and test videos). That all changes today as my son and I have completed our first video. Ultimately, my son (whom the site is named after) was the one who made the decision on what should be our first post and that largely came from our shared love for the Skylanders series. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Rageaholic Star Fox Retrospective

The Rageaholic has a uniquely entertaining way of looking at (and verbalizing his love for) classic Nintendo games, especially those on the legendary SNES. He has often cited greats such as Super Mario RPG, Mega Man X3 and Donkey Kong Country but his retrospective for the underrated Star Fox franchise perfectly sums up what is great about the entire series (yes, even Star Fox Adventures). Outside of the 3DS revamp of Star Fox 64, there hasn't been a new Star Fox game in over 7 years and I'm with xRazorFistx in terms of my love for the series, we NEED a Star Fox game for the Wii U something fierce! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Smash Brothers Fan Documentary Chronicles The Rise Of A Fighting Legend

Super Smash Bros. was never meant to become a truly competitive fighting game, the series has always focused on being a fun party game over the more technical aspects of fighting giants like Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom. The definitive GameCube system seller, Super Smash Bros. Melee, has become the most competitive game in the whole franchise going as far as being featured in this years EVO Fighting Tournament (EVO 2013). The game was placed against other major fighting games not yet featured in the tournament and fans were allowed to vote via a breast cancer donation drive to see which game would be featured. Super Smash Bros. Melee won the donation drive and ended up a major draw for viewers of the competition.

YouTube channel EastPointPictures has crafted an excellent documentary series which chronicles the rise of Super Smash Bros. (Super Smash Bros. Melee specifically) as a competitive fighting game featuring the major players in the competitive scene. The documentary title The Smash Brothers is broken into 9 parts clocking in at over 4 hours which may seem a bit lengthy but ultimately proves to be a very entertaining and fascinating look into a game never really meant to be played at a competitive level. With the upcoming 2014 release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, this series is a must watch for any fan of the series or fighting games in general. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is It Really Worth Supporting Third Party's On Wii U?...Part 2

Welcome back. In part 1 of "Is it really worth supporting third party's on Wii U?" we broke down Nintendo's current situation with the Wii U and its relationship to third party publishers. In part 2 we are going to look at Nintendo's approach to digital downloads and their console strategy while breaking down the current third party support and what companies deserve your hard earned gaming dollars.

Nintendo has never been one to follow the competition instead opting to blaze their own path in everything from hardware design to the current digital download push. In a surprising turn, the eShop has been one of Nintendo's biggest success stories for the Wii U (and 3DS) with its low entry cost for developers, ease of use and high profit margin which makes it quite enticing for indie developers as well as one of the stealthiest (and more effective) entries into the digital market. Nintendo has taken one of the more reviled concepts of modern gaming (digital downloads) and made it both easy and inviting while not shoving it down our throats. This is what people refuse to understand about Nintendo, they don't operate like a bloated profit driven American company and they have survived (and thrived) for over 120 years! Their focus on fun and innovation over tech numbers and "trends" has made them unlike any other video game company and a true leader in the industry. The other thing to note is that Nintendo's conservative approach to hardware means that they have little to no loss on hardware cost (unlike their competition) meaning that they can easily afford to sell less hardware and make money on their software which sells in the millions even with a small install base. This strategy made the GameCube (Nintendo's lowest selling home console) a financial success despite being "beaten" by the PS2 and Xbox. Put simply, the Big N knows how to make money but that is not the driving force behind their games. When Shigeru Miyamoto or Eiji Aonuma design a game, they don't approach the design thinking how much money the game will make or what demographics it will appeal to, they focus on whether it will be fun to play and what kind of new ideas they can introduce.

All of this brings us back to the original question, "Is it really worth supporting third party's on Wii U?". It is really hard to defend some of these companies when they seemingly go out of their way to show their disdain for Nintendo. The argument could be made that Nintendo's previous hardware (N64, GameCube and Wii) was in such contrast to the competition that these companies were justified in their treatment of ports to those respective systems. This belief falls apart with the Wii U however as the hardware is the most mainstream since the Super Nintendo. Multiplatform indie titles made by small teams have had no problems with the hardware and have actually praised what Nintendo has created. Nintendo fans have been burned so many times by major third party's at this point that it is little surprise that their games don't sell to that audience.

Ultimately the answer is "it depends on the situation" but it would make more sense to look at each individual company. This list includes every major Wii U third party in the industry today, whether you should support them and a brief synopsis of why.
  • Sega - (Should you support: Yes) Since going third party in 2001, Sega and Nintendo have had a great relationship. Sega has thrown a lot of support behind every Nintendo machine since this move and has been rewarded with great sales. Sonic has always done best on Nintendo machines and Sega has been responsible for bringing some of the better sleeper hits to the GameCube (Skies of Arcadia) and Wii (Madworld & The Condiut). Expect this relationship to grow on the Wii U as Nintendo will likely bring Sega closer to help support the console.
  • Electronic Arts - (Should you support: No) EA has pissed all over Nintendo and its fans for years and has justifiably been shunned. Sales for their games have declined steadily since the N64 and the Wii U situation feels like the "straw that broke the camel's back" for many fans. With the exception of the excellent Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (which developer Criterion, not EA, was responsible for), EA's Wii U games were all lazy or inferior ports of the 360/PS3 versions.
  • UbiSoft - (Should you support: Maybe) UbiSoft started out strong but recent decisions have put them on seriously shaky ground. The turning point will come in 2014 and it is likely that UbiSoft will drop a lot of support for Wii U (unless they see some major sales from their fall lineup). Rayman Legends is a must have for Wii U and despite some shaky reviews, ZombiU is a must for true survival horror fans.
  • Warner Bros. Interactive - (Should you support: Maybe) This one really depends on your tastes, their family friendly games like Scribblenauts and the Lego series are great on Nintendo systems while they have made some questionable decisions with Batman: Arkham Origins and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Expect them to continue supporting the Wii U but they may focus more on their safer family friendly titles in the future.
  • Capcom - (Should you support: Yes) While support is light, Capcom has actually been good to the Wii U. Resident Evil Revelations has the same features across all home consoles and even has some nice Wii U extras while Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is exclusive and loaded with content and excellent online play. It's far more concerning when looking at Capcom as a whole, there is a very real possibility that they may not exist in a couple years due to a slew of stupid business decisions and turning their back on fans.
  • Activision - (Should you support: Yes) Activision has been pretty good on Wii U support with a solid selection of games. Skylanders continues to do quite well on Nintendo systems (the Wii versions are by far the best selling games in the franchise). Call of Duty is also continuing to make its way to the Wii U and development studio Treyarch always impresses with its work on Nintendo machines. Much like UbiSoft, this situation could change dramatically in 2014 so stay tuned.
  • Square Enix - (Should you support: No) Square Enix is struggling to regain its once great position but the core of the company has made some downright poisonous decisions. The Deus Ex situation shows this off in spectacular fashion. Being their first Wii U effort, it started as an exclusive with full integration of the GamePad to going multiplatform and charging $20 more for the Wii U version for no reason. The game may turn out great for the system but there is no excuse for this kind of customer treatment. Support at your own risk.
  • Namco Bandai Games - (Should you support: Yes) They have a couple games on the Wii U and they are good games handled with care and this looks to hold true with their future releases. Namco's relationship with Nintendo is strong and they have even crafted a few of Nintendo's own games in the past so you can expect this to grow in the same way as the Sega relationship for Wii U. It should be noted that Namco Bandai is helping to develop the new Super Smash Bros. which will be a major system seller in 2014.
  • Disney Interactive Studios - (Should you support: Yes) Disney likes Nintendo quite a bit and shows this with their software support. In all honesty, Nintendo has often been considered the Disney of video game companies so their relationship makes a lot of sense. It should be noted that while Disney owns Star Wars now, their decision to use EA as the exclusive developer of future games means that the Wii U is not likely to see any future Star Wars games.
So there you have it, some good and some bad but in the end people buy Nintendo for the Nintendo experience. The Wii U will end up a major platform for Nintendo's own stellar software and a major showcase for the growing indie scene which has a LOT of games coming to the machine. This whole situation could also drastically change in 2014 after the release of the PS4 and XBone. While everyone wants to look at those machines as the "saviors" of the industry, 2014 will see 5 active home consoles on shelves as well as 2 dedicated gaming handhelds and a flood of mobile, tablet and PC/Android based consoles all during a down economy with no sign of real recovery. Development costs have ballooned out of control for major third party games and the market is very crowded meaning less money to go around. Nintendo has positioned the Wii U to weather the storm while remaining profitable by keeping development costs cheap and offering a selection of fun games. Hopefully, this article will help current Wii U owners while giving future Wii U customers a better idea of what to expect from the the machine. What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Please comment below and thank you for taking the time to read these articles.