Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Person "Mirror's Edge" Parkour Run Is Vertigo Inducing Awesomeness!

Parkour is an impressive sport that has become an increasing part of mainstream video game design. UbiSoft's Assassin's Creed series is without a doubt one the most popular examples where navigation through the massive overworld is both thrilling and fluid. Other games such as Batman: Arkham City have adapted the fluid movement into the super hero genre. While these are all excellent examples of the sport in video games, nothing can quite match Mirror's Edge which was released in 2008 and featured Parkour as its main gameplay mechanic through its first person perspective. In anticipation of the upcoming sequel to this underrated gem, YouTube channel Ampisound has put together a Parkour video that showcases a real life representation of the game and it is beyond impressive. The entire video is in first person like the game but the knowledge that this is real life will surely cause those with a fear of heights a bit of discomfort. Enjoy!

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