Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nintendo Announces Wii Sports Club Featuring Online Multiplayer and HD Visuals

When Wii Sports launched with the Nintendo Wii back in 2006, it quickly became a phenomenal hit that sold systems in the same way that Tetris sold the original Game Boy back in 1989. Nintendo had similar ambition for Nintendo Land and the Wii U but the mainstream game industry has attempted to bury the machine over the last year without actually giving it a chance. Nintendo is pulling out all the stops this fall in an effort to broaden the consoles appeal and help it find the audience it deserves.

As part of Nintendo's refocused approach to the Wii U, they made a surprise announcement for an HD, online enabled Wii Sports Club. The revelation was made during today's Nintendo Direct unveiling of Wii Fit U and both titles mark an uncharacteristic digital approach to the 2 big franchises. Wii Sports Club takes the Wii classic and gives it a Wii U overhaul complete with HD visuals, MiiVerse integration and full online multiplayer (Wii Motion Plus is also supported for improved comtrol). The most surprising aspect is the way the game is being delivered through the eShop. Each of the five games have been separated giving the option to purchase just the games you want to play for $9.99 each (Tennis and Bowling will be available at the November 7th launch). There will also be a "Day Pass" option for $1.99 that gives you unlimited access to all five games for 24 hours which is the perfect option for a party night with some friends. This is an interesting approach that shows a more progressive Nintendo willing to try new things.


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