Friday, November 8, 2013

Nintendo Breaks Down The Difference Between Their Wii & Wii U Home Consoles

It has been argued that the Nintendo Wii U has had some trouble selling due to a misunderstanding among Wii owning "Casual Gamers" who think that the Wii U is an expensive add-on for the original Wii as opposed to a new more powerful home console. While I would like to give people more credit than this, our piss poor education system and personal experience in customer service does give this argument a certain level of validity. Unfortunately, there have even been cases where retailer ignorance has confused consumers about this very issue. With the recent surge in sales for the Wii U worldwide, Nintendo has released a handy chart that helps clear things up a bit and fully illustrates the vast differences between the original Wii and the superior Wii U.

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