Thursday, November 7, 2013

Time To Rock Out With Some "Epic Game Music"!

YouTube user and RetrowareTV contributor EpicGameMusic has made a name for himself with some rockin' covers of many of the best games of all time. He has covered everything from Actraiser to Zelda yet remains largely undiscovered on YouTube with under 3,000 subscribers which is a crime considering the heart and soul he pours into his tracks. While not as flashy as other Remixers, his work has a more personal charm that (in my option) showcases a real passion for the original tunes. On a personal note, EGM's music strikes a chord with me and reminds me of my old college roommate who could rock some serious NES era tunes on his bass guitar.

EpicGameMusic has recently released a fantastic album titled 255 Battles with the Cursed Shield which absolutely deserves to be in your game music playlist. The album features 30 tracks covering classics such as Mega Man, Zelda, Castlevania and Earthbound. Best of all, the album allows you to name your own price (including FREE!) which means any fan of classic game music can afford to listen. Enjoy!

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