Friday, November 29, 2013

YouTube App For 3DS Now Available

As the Nintendo 3DS/2DS makes its mark as the best dedicated portable console on the market, the systems capabilities continue to expand with a variety of video programs. The portable has been equipped with Netflix, Hulu and even features a surprisingly capable stop motion program for creative filmmakers. In a shocking oversight, YouTube has long been missing from the system despite the Wii U having YouTube access since last year. That changes today with the release of the YouTube App on the 3DS eShop which is available now provided you have 113 blocks of memory free. I have given the app a quick test run and can say it is functional but rough around the edges. The price is right considering it is free and you can expect future updates to further refine its capabilities. Enjoy!

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  1. hi there yeah downloaded youtube app on my 3ds xl