Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Skull Kid" Film Acts As An Excellent Majora's Mask Prequel

Majora's Mask is quite possibly one of the most underrated yet polarizing games in the long running and legendary Zelda game series. It was one of the few games that attempted to try something truly new and different yet often receives harsh criticism from fans for its trouble. Funny thing is, those fans who have really given it a chance were rewarded with an excellent game with a rich cast of characters and a deep somber story to tell. The core of that story stems from the mischievous Skull Kid and his misguided actions that unleash the titular Majora's Mask and drag Link into the fated world of Termina. Machinima has recently released a live action fan film titled Skull Kid: A Zelda Legend which gives a deeper look into the ill fated Skull Kid as well as his actions that kick off Link's quest. The film is quite well done and manages to bring The Legend of Zelda to life in a way that is respectful to the source material, something Hollywood manages to screw up all the time with live action video game films. Enjoy!

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  1. To bad holywood would never put so much heart into something like this. This really does get you where it matters the most. Awesome post!