Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Getting English Release In 2015

The Monster Hunter series has quickly become a notable third party exclusive series for Nintendo platforms over the last few years. In Japan, the series is amazingly successful selling millions of copies with each new game but struggled a bit in America until the release of Monster Hunter Tri on the Nintendo Wii which garnered the series a number of new fans. The 3DS and Wii U release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in 2013 has shown Capcom that there is further interest for the series in the states.

Fans have been begging Capcom for an english language version of last years Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS but the company remained silent for quite a while. With the recent announcement of Monster Hunter 4G coming to Japan this fall, Capcom also confirmed that this same game will also see release in the west in "Early 2015" as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Right now, the game is only confirmed for 3DS but there may be a chance for a Wii U version like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


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