Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rap Song Perfectly Illustrates The Corruption Of YouTube

YouTube has quickly become a major source of reviews, news and content for those in the gaming community. Hell, there are a ton of people who make a living from their gaming content and the millions of subscribers who support them. Unfortunately it has become apparent that the steady decay of America has spread to this service which once stood for bringing people together and free speech. The YouTube of today and the YouTube of 6 years ago are very different beasts with money and corruption now dictating how the service can "screw the little guy" and how the behemoth can do so quite illegally.

This whole situation has been building for a couple years but absolutely exploded last month as both minor and major YouTubers were hit with thousands of unverified content claims effectively robbing them of their ad revenue which many depend on for their livelihood. The full ramifications of this will echo through 2014 and could potentially change the face of the gaming community for years to come as many look for alternatives to YouTube as well as ways to "fight the man". Unfortunately there are few legal means to fight the beast as the laws for protecting citizens have slowly been destroyed over the last decade while laws protecting corporations have grown by leaps and bounds over the same period (All the result of a society made purposely uneducated through a broken education system).

On a positive note, there are people fighting back in their own unique way. YouTuber Dan Bull has crafted a rather brilliant rap titled Fuck Content ID which illustrates how bad the whole situation has become. While some may dismiss this whole situation as trivial, the reality couldn't be more serious as the internet is the last source of truly free speech and corporations have literally been waging war on it attempting to regulate and control the flow of information. Watch it, Share it, Get educated and Join the fight!

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