Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Rageaholic Rants On The Puzzling Success Of The Next-Gen Consoles

The PS4 and XBOne have sold a perplexing number of consoles since their launches in November when you consider what the machines currently have to offer. It's not uncommon for a new generation of video game consoles to be successful but the sales are attributed to a solid launch library (Halo on Xbox, Mario on Nintendo, Sonic on Sega, etc.). Outside of the PS2 (which was a combination of hype and timing for DVD adoption) most consoles are sold on their software merits at launch and few can deny that the respective launches of these 2 new machines have been without any real compelling software. These machines currently have nothing major to offer outside of being a status symbol so I wonder what has caused so many people to throw their hard earned cash at these boxes? Apparently I am not the only one as The Rageaholic (a.k.a. xRazorFistx) has posed a similar question in his most recent rant. Please comment below if you have an answer to this situation. Enjoy!

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