Monday, January 20, 2014

Treon's Game Of The Week - Maldita Castilla

  Maldita Castilla is an old school arcade game that gets its inspiration from the Ghost'n'Goblins series among many other arcade hits. Fortunately while the game gets its inspiration from those games, it is a bit more forgiving as an actual gameplay experience choosing to reward skillful play instead of brutally punishing its audience. Developed over the course of 20 months by Locomalito Games, Maldita Castilla (Cursed/damn Castile) gets things so right, you'll swear this thing existed back in the 80's as an actual arcade cabinet. What really makes the game special is the rock solid gameplay, beautiful sprite graphics and stunning arcade sound that is sure to please arcade audio purists. While the game has been out since 2012, I only recently had the pleasure of playing this game on the OUYA and it is a must have for any arcade fan. The best news is the fact that the game is 100% FREE and available for Linux, Windows and OUYA (I highly recommend this for the criminally underrated indie console). Enjoy!

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